• Do you find yourself at the end of the rope with your dog?
  • Have you tried everything and nothing seems to work?
  • Have you been to class after class and still have a hard time with your dog?
  • You just want your dog to listen so you can truly enjoy having a dog in the family!
  • Are you searching for the best Dog Trainer in Redding, CA?

The feeling of having no control with your dog is extremely stressful for you and your family.

We know how you feel and we’re here to help!

Call us 1-530-549-4987 or 1-360-319-9513 and tell us all about your dog.


Confident K9 Training – Redding, CA

Having trouble getting your dog to listen, especially when it really matters?

Feel like you’ve tried everything and your dog still has selective hearing? 

Still jumps on people and drags you down the street… and life with a dog just isn’t as much fun as you wanted?Dog Trainer, Redding, CA - Trina Carr

We know how frustrating it is!

You want to actually enjoy having a dog… if only they’d come back when you call and calm down when you need them to.  Right?

You don’t have to feel stuck.  It’s not your fault.  Not all dog training programs work the same way, and now you’re here!  We know how you feel because we’ve already worked with many many families with the exact same story.  (We’ve even been there ourselves in our pre-dog trainer days!) 

It’s very common for families to go to training, get some benefits along the way, but leave with the same problems they started with.  Their dog learns what “sit” means (and will do it in the kitchen for a treat!), but still acts crazy around squirrels and guests.

You want your dog to actually listen to those words you taught them! 

We’re looking forward to hearing all about your dog.  Give us a call (or email) and tell us what’s happening.

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