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Trina Carr – Founder and Head Trainer – Confident K9 Training, Redding, CA

Trina Carr - Confident K9 Training, Redding, CA

Hi, my name is Trina Carr, founder and head trainer of Confident K9 Training, Redding, CA. My goal is to help overwhelmed dog owners train their dogs. Having had unruly dogs in the past, I know firsthand what it is like to feel out of control and want to give up on your dog. Confident K9 Training will empower dog owners and balance the dog’s state of mind.

 I’ve lived on a farm with many farm animals and dogs through childhood and through my teenage years.  I’ve always loved animals and taking care of them. Seeing all the happy animals come to me during feeding time was a joy for me.  Due to my experience on the farm as a child I learned how to read animals and the body language of animals and it gave me a unique awareness and appreciation for them as well.

I adopted Gordo Buster Carr who was an aggressive black lab who pulled me and was leash reactive. He is now a very well-known therapy dog in Redding, CA and Santa Cruz. We volunteer our time to visit convalescent homes, participate in a readings buddies program for children called Tales to Tails. Children come up one at a time and read special stories they think Gordo will like.

Trina Carr, Dog Trainer, Confident K9 Training, Redding, CA. with dogsWe also volunteer in an event called Pause for Paws which takes place at UCSC. Prior to the students taking finals, a group of us will show up with our therapy dogs and just hang out while mobs of students come to pet, hug, kiss and ask questions about our dogs.

I started my dog training education by going to various training seminars. I continue to further my education by taking seminars from many world-renowned trainers. I am a member of the International Association of Canine Professionals, a large group of trainers and other dog professionals, who believe in the humane training and treatment of dogs.

I feel it is of the up-most importance to transfer all the new information your dog has learned over to you so that you can successfully continue your new harmonious relationship. In other words, I will train you on how to handle your new dog. Combining the two will insure your continued success.

Training Dogs in Redding, CALeadership is a skill that takes consistent and fluid cultivation. When you can develop these skills your dogs will follow you anywhere. I will teach you how to be the leader in your pack for a more enjoyable relationship between you and your dogs. I will do everything I can to create a happy and balanced relationship for you and your dog to enjoy.

My lab, Gordo and I still enjoy doing therapy work. I love to attend seminars that expand my understanding of dog training and dog behavior. I have also found that each and every dog I work with teaches me something new, which means I’m constantly being challenged to find a new or innovative method to work with a dog.  I’m a “balanced dog trainer” in Redding, CA, which means many different things to many different people.  But for me, it means I strive to teach calmness in your dog.  There is a time to play fetch or Frisbee on the beach.  But there is also a time to just relax and be a part of the family.  One of the biggest rewards a dog can get is just to belong comfortably with a family.

My motivation for doing what I do is to see the change in the interaction between you and your dog. The happiness I get to see between you and your dog makes my work, the best job I could possibly have.