Masha Fellman, Bernadette Fox,Felton CA

Paco our little terrier mix foster dog completed a two week intensive training at Confident K9 Training. Before the training, he was nippy when we approached him in his space to put on his harness. He barked at strangers and other dogs. He guarded his toys and became very upset if we or our dogs went near the toys. Since he was not adoptable exhibiting bittiness and inappropriate barking, we were delighted when Trina Carr offered to take him for 2 weeks and train him because he was a foster dog. After the 2 week training period, he is comfortable when approached by strangers. He is crate trained and looks forward to going into his crate at night or for short periods during the day. Paco is agreeable and compliant when approached . He sits, stays and comes on command and goes to his place when instructed to do so. We are very grateful to Trina for her outstanding training as Paco is now an adoptable dog in our care. She gave us clear detailed instructions on how to continue his training. It was a very positive experience for Paco and his foster people!