Brian, Dog Training Success Storys!

Brian, Redding, CA

Trina delivered! Our 2.5 year old Standard Poodle, Brian (a.k.a. Mr. Brian), went through the 21
day Dream Dog training and boarding. Trina is amazing with dogs and I could see the tight bond
that she and Brian created, which was very comforting for me since he was gone for such a long
time. Trina took her time to also train me; after all, it’s hard to have a well trained dog if the
owner isn’t disciplined and trained as well. I think the training I received is just as important, if not more so in Brian’s success as a fully trained Dream Dog. Trina helped us to understand the
training that Brian had undergone and the importance of us keeping up with his training as it
becomes fully ingrained in him and us. Brian struggled with confidence around other people,
but Trina helped Brian to be comfortable around others, and we have noticed a HUGE
 confidence boost in Brian. A confident dog is a happy dog, as well as a relaxed dog, which is
massively important for Brian to be able to excel in his ongoing obedience training with us.

We can now bring Brian to coffee shops and outdoor restaurants and he will lie next to us, content and happy to be with us. Brain walks next to us on a leash like he’s ready for a dog show; it’s amazing! No more tugging or fighting Brian on the leash. One of our favorite parts of Brian’s training with Trina is the remote training he received. Now we can take Brian for off-leash walks and hikes and we can all enjoy the adventure, especially knowing Brian will listen to us and respond well to the remote collar. Thank you Trina for making our Brian a dream dog