Bucky and Chopper, Aptos, CA

My name is Bucky, my dog Chopper is a very strong and large pit bull. Chopper and I had run into somewhat of a wall with his training. He was a great dog but neither of us had the correct know how when it came to manners and structure. He would get very over excited while playing and did not understand how large and powerful he was, and walking was more like him walking me. He bit someone on accident once, while playing, and being the breed he is I felt that is was very important to find him a trainer and immediately went in search of someone to help train him. Trina Carr with Confident K9 Training was awesome from start to finish! She loves dogs. It is clear that she cares very much for all of the dogs she works with.

After a 3 week Board and Train, Chop was returned to me and Trina spent the entire day with us going over everything he had learned and actually going to Home Depot, Pet Pals and back to my house to finish the transfer of information. Chopper has learned how to stay, heal, line up when getting in the car, how to go slowly in and out of any door way, how to get on “Place” and stay there until I let him go. He has learned and will continue to improve with his new command “Leave It ” This is HUGE for him. Chopper has learned all around good behavior manners and I could not be happier! If you have a dog that needs training, BOTTOM LINE. CONFIDENT K9 TRAINING, IS, WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOUR DOG! Actually for you and your dog! This training program, will create a relationship that is fun, has structure, and more than anything, will give you PEACE OF MIND!

Thank you Trina. GO CONFIDENT K9 TRAINING!!!!