Success Stories

Honey Testimonial, Redding, CA

We gave our 7 month old puppy, Honey, to Trina for the 3 week dream dog program. Honey was pretty awful on the leash. We couldn’t take her anywhere, she pulled horribly.

She is now leash trained on the prong collar and even my kids can walk her through the neighborhood. We also asked for remote training so that we could take her outdoors with us! We have so enjoyed being able to take her to river trails and the lake knowing she won’t run off.

Trina goes above and beyond to give the help you need to train and enjoy your dog. I’d recommend Trina at Confident K9 Training to anyone!

Honey, Redding, CA
Harper Testimonial, Redding, CA

We took our mostly well behaved handsome, 14 month old, French Bulldog Harper, to Trina at Confident K9 Training and got back our Dream Dog just as she promised!

He is now a master off leash and he confidently, let’s all people young and old, pet him when we’re out and about town. Knows all his basic commands, Halt, Sit, Leave It, Down Stay, Place, Come, Heel and a couple other commands that we use off leash. Trina also trained Harper for the Canine Good Citizen test, which we took and he passed. So now we are also the proud owners of a Canine Good Citizen dog!

We’re very pleased and proud of all the hard work Trina and Harper did together. We are constantly receiving compliments of how Well-Behaved and Calm Harper is!

Thanks Trina!

Harper, Redding, CA
Yari Testimonial, Santa Cruz

My puppy, Yari, is a .1.5 year old bundle of a rascal. She is extremely smart and a quick learner when she’s willing to learn and I’m willing to teach her. The first time I spoke with Trina, we weren’t sure if Yari would need the extra help yet, but it turned out come December, she was very much in need of Trina’s “Walk Doctor” program since she goes absolutely bananas on a leash when approaching other dogs.

Working with Trina, I gained the confidence to work with Yari on this, since 90% of her reactivity is due to me expecting her to go crazy. The more calm and confident I am, the better she does on walks. Additionally, Trina helped me get Yari to be a pro at “down”-which she knew but was stubborn about. She got better at it within one day, it was like magic!

Trina helped us both with confidence, complimenting Yari’s work, and affirming that I am good at handling her. We wish we could keep Trina as I’m sure we have so much more we can learn from her with more time, but since Trina is moving, she made sure to set Yari and me up with another trainer that she has full confidence and trust in. All the Redding pups and humans are in for a treat! Thank you, Trina!

Yari, Santa Cruz

I dropped off a 15 month old GOOD dog, and got back a 16 month old GREAT dog! Saira is an Argentinian Mastiff, and a driven working dog. I wanted complete trust in her while in public so I can have fun while out with her, instead of worrying all the time!

That’s where Trina comes in. I did a 4 week board and train, while I went on vacation. I interviewed multiple trainers and got quotes for board and trains, and Trina was the best out of all of them, and had the best price… At this point I was begging her to take my dog, and my money. And boy was it worth it! Saira sticks to me like glue with the remote collar wherever we are. I can take an off leash stroll on the beach on a busy summer day and she is calm and nobody gets stressed.

The best part about Trina, is she really cares. There is no better feeling than knowing your pup is in a loving learning environment, instead of some sketchy dog sitter! I can’t recommend Confident K9 Training enough.

Samuel and Saira Nichols, Aptos, CA

We lucked out with a pretty mellow rescue dog. Initially we didn’t think we needed training, but since he would be going to an office everyday, we decided we wanted to work on a consistent and easy training plan. Trina guided us to the Walk Doctor program and helped tailor it to our needs, specifically with more work on recall.

The training felt incredibly personal and professional. We weren’t interested in the big training classes with lots of dogs and owners, so her individualized attention was right up our alley. You can just tell that she has a love for dogs and for her career.

As first time dog owners, we have all sorts of questions and Trina made us feel comfortable asking her anything – even little things like trimming his nails. I would highly recommend Trina and Confident K9 to anyone looking for a hardworking and dedicated trainer.

Koda, Seabright, CA

Wilsons family was unable to take him on trips in the car due to his constant howling and barking. Here is a note from Wilsons owner on the first trip the took after completing training.

Wanted to let you know that we took a four day trip last weekend to a Bluegrass festival down in Parkfield. We took Wilson with us in the van. He was great! We had a three hr. enjoyable drive. The people that we were with have spent time with Wilson in the past, usually on backpacking trips. They all said that he was a different dog, so much more calmer and obedient. It was a joy to have our dog with us, finally.

Thank you Trina

Chris and Wilson, Live Oaks, CA

My big boy Rascal, a 5 year old 109 pound Akita-lab mix, and I did a series of classes with Trina, from Confident K9 Training this past fall after which I have seen a remarkable improvement in his behavior! (and mine, too 😉

Trina is very patient, focused and professional. Her attention to us felt very personal and caring and Rascal and I look forward to doing more training soon.

Thanks Trina!!!

Rascal, Seabright, CA

Trina Carr of Confident K9 Training is the best professional trainer available. She is a genuine pleasure to work with and be around. Not just because she’s a superb trainer, but also because of her love for dogs and what she does for a living.

Before I brought Asha to Trina, I was going nuts with her barking, bullying and horrible stubbornness. Now, Asha follows simple commands, gets along with other dogs and people so much better than before training. Asha has overcome much of her anxiety and negative behaviors. Thank you Trina, for giving me the tools and encouragement to help Asha become a happier, calmer dog. You are amazing!!

Megan, Aptos, CA

My name is Bucky, my dog Chopper is a very strong and large pit bull. Chopper and I had run into somewhat of a wall with his training. He was a great dog but neither of us had the correct know how when it came to manners and structure. He would get very over excited while playing and did not understand how large and powerful he was, and walking was more like him walking me. He bit someone on accident once, while playing, and being the breed he is I felt that is was very important to find him a trainer and immediately went in search of someone to help train him. Trina Carr with Confident K9 Training was awesome from start to finish! She loves dogs. It is clear that she cares very much for all of the dogs she works with.

After a 3 week Board and Train, Chop was returned to me and Trina spent the entire day with us going over everything he had learned and actually going to Home Depot, Pet Pals and back to my house to finish the transfer of information. Chopper has learned how to stay, heal, line up when getting in the car, how to go slowly in and out of any door way, how to get on “Place” and stay there until I let him go. He has learned and will continue to improve with his new command “Leave It ” This is HUGE for him. Chopper has learned all around good behavior manners and I could not be happier! If you have a dog that needs training, BOTTOM LINE. CONFIDENT K9 TRAINING, IS, WHAT YOU NEED TO DO FOR YOUR DOG! Actually for you and your dog! This training program, will create a relationship that is fun, has structure, and more than anything, will give you PEACE OF MIND!

Thank you Trina. GO CONFIDENT K9 TRAINING!!!!

Bucky and Chopper, Aptos, CA

My dog Jack was fairly well trained and walked pretty well already but I was looking for some fine tuning and help handling Jack when walking and he sees a squirrel or cat! My vet had suggested trying a prong collar with the guidance of a trainer since Jack is very strong. I was nervous because of the conflicting research I read about these types of collars.

Trina, owner and trainer at Confident K9 Training, gave me the education I needed and taught me to use the prong collar gently and effectively! Walking Jack is now joyful and worry free. No more episodes of almost being pulled to the ground or rope burn on my hands when we see a scurrying critter! He also seems relaxed and comfortable. She also gave me tips to work with him around the house to boost his confidence since he’s a little skittish. Trina is also very responsive and flexible, finding times in my busy schedule and meeting me in convenient spots around town to have a variety of experiences and different types of distractions for Jack. Thanks Trina!

Virginia and Jack, Santa Cruz, CA

Trina is an awesome trainer, and she is totally dedicated to the dogs and people she works with. We brought our 2 year old shepherd mix to Trina for problems with leash reactivity. She coached our dog to build confidence and undo her fearfulness, and showed us how to do the same. Trina was so helpful in helping us understand our dog’s behaviors and in teaching us how to work with her. We’re really happy that we chose Confident K9 Training!

Thanks Trina!

Tiana, Jordi and Mila, Seabright, Ca

My 1 year old Pit Bull “Kona” just finished up her 2 week board and train with Confident K9 Training (Trina). We are beyond thrilled with the results and how well Trina was able to communicate with us on how to continue the work at home. She works with you step by step to ensure continued success. She really takes the time with you and truly cares about your dogs success and achieving the goals you are looking for. Something I greatly appreciated is how she would send me photo/video updates on my Kona as she knew that I was a little sad about leaving her for 2 weeks and was missing her, this made me feel so much better and I loved it. The other thing I love about Trina as a trainer is that she doesn’t have just one style of training she really pays attention to the type of dog and their personality and trains in a way that will work best with your dog. Overall this has been a great experience and I would highly recommend Confident K9 training to anyone!

Caitie Hale, Soquel, Ca

My doggy Nabalo did a board and train with Confident K9 Training and it was the best thing we could have done; not just for my dog but for us. Trina teaches you how to effectively communicate with your pup in a positive way which has taught me a great deal about dog behavior in general. Thanks Trina!!!

Erika Sullenburger D.V.M Santa Cruz, Ca

This may not look like much to you, but this is HUGE right now. This is Juice sitting “in place”, outside of a kennel. Amazing…. A million thanks to Trina Carr at Confident K9 Training for teaching me and my dog how to coexist!

Sarah Bernal Aromas, Ca

Lilly, my Jack Russell mix, is 10 years old and extremely set in her ways. Ever since I brought her home from the shelter, she’s had some serious resource guarding issues and would often pick fights with other dogs over toys and food. It was especially bad when I was paying attention to another dog or if another dog came into our house. After working with Trina from Confident K9 Training, Lilly is much more relaxed, and she is even able to hang out with bigger dogs in our kitchen without becoming aggressive. We’re always working on it, but Lilly has come so far so fast!

Elayna, Aptos, CA

Paco our little terrier mix foster dog completed a two week intensive training at Confident K9 Training. Before the training, he was nippy when we approached him in his space to put on his harness. He barked at strangers and other dogs. He guarded his toys and became very upset if we or our dogs went near the toys. Since he was not adoptable exhibiting bittiness and inappropriate barking, we were delighted when Trina Carr offered to take him for 2 weeks and train him because he was a foster dog. After the 2 week training period, he is comfortable when approached by strangers. He is crate trained and looks forward to going into his crate at night or for short periods during the day. Paco is agreeable and compliant when approached . He sits, stays and comes on command and goes to his place when instructed to do so. We are very grateful to Trina for her outstanding training as Paco is now an adoptable dog in our care. She gave us clear detailed instructions on how to continue his training. It was a very positive experience for Paco and his foster people!

Masha Fellman, Bernadette Fox,Felton CA

I have a typical story, my son got a puppy which means I got a dog! At just shy of 2 we were sure we had not known how to raise a dog.

Trina to the rescue! We took Oso to Trina for a 2 week board and train session. He learned how to walk nicely on leash, sleep quietly in his kennel at night, potty on demand, outside. And just overall better know his place in our home. I feel so much better about my son going away to college, knowing the rest of us now know how to be consistent with Oso’s on going training. Trina spent a couple hours with all four family members to get everyone on board with the same knowledge.

Thank you Trina and Confident K9 training!

Carol M. Aptos, Ca.