Harper Testimonial, Redding, CA

Harper, Redding, CA

We took our mostly well behaved handsome, 14 month old, French Bulldog Harper, to Trina at Confident K9 Training and got back our Dream Dog just as she promised!

He is now a master off leash and he confidently, let’s all people young and old, pet him when we’re out and about town. Knows all his basic commands, Halt, Sit, Leave It, Down Stay, Place, Come, Heel and a couple other commands that we use off leash. Trina also trained Harper for the Canine Good Citizen test, which we took and he passed. So now we are also the proud owners of a Canine Good Citizen dog!

We’re very pleased and proud of all the hard work Trina and Harper did together. We are constantly receiving compliments of how Well-Behaved and Calm Harper is!

Thanks Trina!