Virginia and Jack, Santa Cruz, CA

My dog Jack was fairly well trained and walked pretty well already but I was looking for some fine tuning and help handling Jack when walking and he sees a squirrel or cat! My vet had suggested trying a prong collar with the guidance of a trainer since Jack is very strong. I was nervous because of the conflicting research I read about these types of collars.

Trina, owner and trainer at Confident K9 Training, gave me the education I needed and taught me to use the prong collar gently and effectively! Walking Jack is now joyful and worry free. No more episodes of almost being pulled to the ground or rope burn on my hands when we see a scurrying critter! He also seems relaxed and comfortable. She also gave me tips to work with him around the house to boost his confidence since he’s a little skittish. Trina is also very responsive and flexible, finding times in my busy schedule and meeting me in convenient spots around town to have a variety of experiences and different types of distractions for Jack. Thanks Trina!