Yari Testimonial, Santa Cruz

Yari, Santa Cruz

My puppy, Yari, is a .1.5 year old bundle of a rascal. She is extremely smart and a quick learner when she’s willing to learn and I’m willing to teach her. The first time I spoke with Trina, we weren’t sure if Yari would need the extra help yet, but it turned out come December, she was very much in need of Trina’s “Walk Doctor” program since she goes absolutely bananas on a leash when approaching other dogs.

Working with Trina, I gained the confidence to work with Yari on this, since 90% of her reactivity is due to me expecting her to go crazy. The more calm and confident I am, the better she does on walks. Additionally, Trina helped me get Yari to be a pro at “down”-which she knew but was stubborn about. She got better at it within one day, it was like magic!

Trina helped us both with confidence, complimenting Yari’s work, and affirming that I am good at handling her. We wish we could keep Trina as I’m sure we have so much more we can learn from her with more time, but since Trina is moving, she made sure to set Yari and me up with another trainer that she has full confidence and trust in. All the Redding pups and humans are in for a treat! Thank you, Trina!