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1. The Good Dog Program2. Dependable Dog Program3. Dream Dog Program4. Board and Play

Basic house manners, 6 private lessons including initial 2 hour

sit, down, place, come, on leash.  Barking, jumping, reacting to other dogs

Wish your dog would just settle down a bit more around the house? Stop jumping all over you and your guests, stop dragging you down the street on walks, and just listen more? Life is exciting for your dog and you want to enjoy living with your dog more, too!

Imagine that your dog listens to you instead of ignoring you a lot of the time, making you yell at them to get their attention and causing all kinds of frustrations! Everything is so much more peaceful at home now.

This program is perfect for the family that wants to get a few things under control around the house.

Together we’ll teach your dog to reliably listen to you when you ask them to sit, lay down, go to their bed, stop barking, get off of people, and walk next to you instead of pulling you.

This program is typically accomplished in about 6 private lessons in your home.                                                                                                                      

Greater travel distance will require extra cost. This will be determined during our initial phone conversation.


Two Week Board and Train

Would you love to be involved in your dog’s training but would really like to have a jump start, too?

This program is the best of both worlds! We’ll give your dog a two-week head start on training so when we start teaching you, your dog is already on their way to reliably and happily listening.

Having more time with us during the initial training really saves you a ton of effort, so this is perfect for families who want to make the most of training but are busy. Or families who want to be involved in training, but would also appreciate saving time!

Your dog will come stay with us (in a home environment, which makes the training more fun for your dog and easier to transfer back to your home).

Whether you feel like you’ve tried everything to manage behaviors that just seem completely out of control… OR you just want to make sure your new dog starts off on the right foot from the beginning… OR your dog needs a refresher on to listen to words they already know.

Imagine what it would feel like to have the best behaved dog in the neighborhood! Think about the pride you will have when people stop you and are amazed by your dog’s manners.

This program also includes unlimited private lessons so we can work together with your dog out in public to practice around more distractions, or polish your dog’s skills together anytime you need to down the road.

This program includes:

JUMPSTART: 2-week stay for your dog

2 private 1-on-1 lessons for you in your home (to show you how to continue and maintain your dog’s training)

BONUS – Ongoing support – 3 private lessons that you can use anytime down the road, so you never have to worry about your dog’s skills slipping over time.


Three Week Board and Train

Imagine the peace of mind of your dog’s training being done the fastest, most effective and enjoyable way… perfect for your busy life, without worrying about the hardest part – the initial training.

You know that your dog actually listening to you will mean more freedom for you AND your dog, and so much less stress and frustration in your day. No more jumping, barking too much, dragging you along during walks, overreacting to other dogs and people, chewing, digging, stealing stuff, play biting… you name it!

Not only will we make sure your dog has excellent house manners and listens to you even around distractions, we’ll also make sure your dog listens when they don’t have a leash on…

Which is awesome because most family dogs spend 99% of the time off-leash at home. You’ll be able to get them to listen without having to physically be near them.

You’d love to have your dog listen more reliably out and about, too, and around distractions like when you have guests over or when you take your dog out to the park. You’d even do those things more often if you knew your dog would listen better!

This program will get you there the quickest and easiest way.

Your dog will come stay with us for 3 weeks so that they are already so much farther along (even listening off-leash and around distractions) when we start training you.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know, quickly, to maintain your dog’s new training.

You don’t even have to worry about your dog’s training slipping over time! This is part of our Lifetime Guarantee… anytime you need any help with your dog’s training… something new comes up or you need a refresher, we’ll get together and help you take care of it.

This program includes:

3-week stay for your dog for initial training

Commands/Behaviors: sit, come, down, place (go to bed and stay), wait, and stop behaviors like excessive barking, jumping, leash pulling, mouthing, counter surfing, stealing things, digging, chewing, etc.

Going-home Lesson – we’ll show you how to continue and maintain your dog’s training

LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Help is just a phone call, text, email or extra private lesson away. Anytime you need extra help or want to polish your dog’s skills, we’re here!

A in home consultation is required for every training program. This means that I will travel to your home and meet with you and your dog (s). The consultation usually last a couple of hours depending on your dog’s needs.

Here at Confident K9 Training we are pleased to offer our brand new Board and Play Program. We offer structured play and walks, and of course the always fun, run free and play, where your dog (s) can run around free in the yard with my dogs.

Of course at Confident K9, safety is of the up-most important to us. Your dogs (s) are here to have fun and we like to keep it that way.
In order for us to keep things safe and fun, it’s imperative that your dog (s) have gone through one of my training programs prior to coming back for a board and play.

Once your dogs (s) have been through one of my programs they are familiar with the rules of indoor and outdoor behavior. And more importantly we already know your dog, through evaluation, training and follow ups.

What to expect when your dog (s) come for Board and Play with Confident K9:

  • Continued structured rules (so your dog (s) won’t forget what they have learned).
  • Free run and romp time in our safely enclosed grass yard.
  • Pack walk, location of our choosing, the park, the forest or hiking trails.
  • When possible a great beach day.
  • We like overnight guests, but of course welcome your dog (s) for just the day!


Drop off and pick up date and time must be prearranged.

Day Time Players: $50.00 per dog.

Drop of 7:00 am and pick up by 7:00 pm. If you are later than 7:00 pm You will be charged for an extra day

Board and Players: $60.00 per dog for overnight

Any dog that is not picked up by 12 noon on the scheduled pick up date will be charged for an additional day!

Can’t wait to see you at Confident K9’s new Board and Play!

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