Dusty Testimonial - Redding, CA

Dusty, Redding, CA

Trina Carr of Confident K9 training is the best trainer I have ever worked with. I have tried other trainers and training situations, but they never worked for me. I was reluctant to send Dusty away for training. I knew I would miss and worry about him. When Trina came to our house for a consultation Dusty took to her immediately. He normally would bark if someone moved in the house or looked at him, but he could not get close enough to Trina. It was amazing! She kept in close contact with me while he was with her, sending text messages, pictures, and phoning to keep me informed about his progress.

Dusty was a good little rescue dog but just did not obey. He jumped on people, barked constantly, only came if he wanted to when called, pulled when walking, and often charged other dogs when in the yard or walking. Dusty is 16 lbs. of love and fun. He has no playmates and just wanted to be friends but did not know how to approach other dogs. He hated his kennel, jumped on furniture, begged at the table, and pestered guests. Trina has changed all that. He now does everything I want when I want it. It is so wonderful to watch him sit, stay, stop barking, kennel up and come when called. Our walks are now fun. He rarely reacts to other dogs or people. I am no longer afraid he will jerk me off my feet. Thank you, Trina of Confident K9 Training.