Samuel and Saira Nichols, Aptos, CA

I dropped off a 15 month old GOOD dog, and got back a 16 month old GREAT dog! Saira is an Argentinian Mastiff, and a driven working dog. I wanted complete trust in her while in public so I can have fun while out with her, instead of worrying all the time!

That’s where Trina comes in. I did a 4 week board and train, while I went on vacation. I interviewed multiple trainers and got quotes for board and trains, and Trina was the best out of all of them, and had the best price… At this point I was begging her to take my dog, and my money. And boy was it worth it! Saira sticks to me like glue with the remote collar wherever we are. I can take an off leash stroll on the beach on a busy summer day and she is calm and nobody gets stressed.

The best part about Trina, is she really cares. There is no better feeling than knowing your pup is in a loving learning environment, instead of some sketchy dog sitter! I can’t recommend Confident K9 Training enough.