Spontaneous Sunday on Tuesday?

Throw Up Your Hands

Some day’s you just need to throw up your hands and call it quits..Even when you do the things in life that you are most passionate about, such as dog training, your still going to have those day’s where just the sound of the dishwasher running is irritating and knowing you have laundry to do gives you a headache or even hearing lunch or dinner being made for you in the kitchen gets on your nerves.  Sound familiar at all??  Well these are the times to just kennel the dogs, shut down your computer work or close your book and do something spontaneous.

For some people, your outlet might be putting on running shoes and going for a nice run.  Or perhaps going to the beach and scanning for beach glass.  For me it was jumping on the bike, holding on tight to my husband and going for a ride!


This is the bike that we rode, on a warm sunny day. Up Highway 9 winding through the Redwood trees and through several small towns along the way.  For an idea of our journey, see the map below!  Our destination, just past Boulder Creek, at the end of the rainbow, not a pot of gold, but a man holding a burger.


  20140323_142710Burger 9  This is the spot, a beautiful, fun 20 minute ride, where I got to order something that made me forget about that irritating stuff I was going through only 30 minutes ago!  Here I got to build my own burger.  Fantastic bun with fig jam, burger, brie cheese and candied bacon.  Pure heaven!  The moral to this story is take the break you need, get out of your own head, do something you love, then come back.  Your whole out look will change, the dishwasher running just reminds you that you’ll have clean dishes, the laundry is really not that bad, and the noises from the kitchen, well, they will just remind you that someone you love is preparing something nice for you!