Full Circle Dog Training

Full Circle Dog Training is something I believe strongly in. To me Full Circle Dog Training starts with the dog that you acquire that may need some training or behavior modification or both. It also starts with you as the owner and me as the trainer being on the same page, when it comes to what your dog needs, and how to go about getting to those needs met. Then it means I spend the time getting to know your dog, training your dog and/or working on any problems that need to be changed. All of this work takes time and patients, which is fine, its what I love to do. Next comes the part where I bring you back your newly trained dog. Should the Circle stop there? Heck no, we have just started the second half of the Circle. Now comes the hard work, your participation, your patients with yourself and your dog, your willingness to learn, and follow through and not give up. Maybe these changes will come easy for you or maybe these changes are not so easy for you as a client, I’m aware of that. You may have to change your thinking or harder yet, alter your emotions and be open to trying something new. Then giving these new changes and emotions a chance to sink in, become a part of you and your daily habits. All of this difficult work begins when I return your dog to you. As part of the Full Circle Training, it is now my job to teach you every new thing your dog has learned, this is so important it bears repeating. It is now MY job to teach YOU every new thing your dog has learned.
I know that everyone is unique and therefore has a unique way of doing things. This is a good thing, otherwise we would all be the same. Imagine how boring that would be. But here is the thing I don’t understand. How could anyone train a dog, hand it over to the owner once the training is done and not show the owner how to handle their new dog. How are you, as the owner supposed to know what I have taught your dog, if I do not show you? How are you supposed to continue with your dogs new training, if I don’t show you what that training is? all the time and money spent has now just gone right out the window.
Personally, I would rather not waste my time, your time or your money this way. I would rather that you have a great experience with me. I think its important to show you how to handle your newly trained dog, and I mean truly show you with hands on experience, meaning I show you how to work your dog, then watch you do it, in order to make any corrections. I want you to be successful with your new dog and I want you to be able to continue your new successful relationship with your dog. Is that possible without me showing you how to handle your newly trained dog? I think not. It is my personal promise to you that I will always show you how to handle your new dog. I wont leave your side until you are comfortable with all the new successful training and work. I consider us a team, and I would never leave a team mate in the dark. I guarantee I will share all my knowledge with you.
I feel it is of the up-most importance to transfer all the new information your dog has learned over to you so that you can successfully continue your new harmonious relationship. In other words you and your dog will never leave my care, without you knowing how to handle your new dog. It is just as important for me to teach you how to work with your new dog as it is for me to train your dog. Combining the two will insure your continued success. Upon completion of their training I will personally provide you with a complete hands on review of what your dog has learned in training.