Morris (The Cat?)

Morris (The Cat?)


So every day I take my dogs for a walk, it varies where we go, depending on what I’m in the mood for. The hills in my neighborhood, flat mile circle built by the local park, noisy and busy downtown or flat 3 mile, where you get a variety of all kinds of folks. To people who are serious bicycle riders, moms pushing strollers with fat tires or the homeless who live in the ravine on either side of the paved walking trail.

Today I chose the mile circle by the local park. Usually after this walk, the dogs and I drive over to the local coffee shop and I have something cool to drink.

Today, like any other day I make the decision to go to the park then grab a cool coffee, I see Morris. He is in his usual spot right by the front door, I don’t say anything, just walk through the door with my two dogs and order my coffee.

When we come out, I grab the table next to Morris, set down my coffee, tell my dogs to down, which they do gratefully as there is cool cement and shade under my table. They sprawl out. They have an idea how long they will be there. I ready myself for the conversation I know is about to take place.

“Good afternoon Morris, how are you today?” I say, “Fine, Fine” he says. Knowing the answer already, I still ask “So, have you been to the grocery store yet?” Even though I can see he does not have any grocery bags with him. He responds, “No, not yet. I like to sit here, read my paper and drink my coffee, then go to the grocery store, pick up a few things, come back and have another cup of coffee!” I nod, acknowledging that would be the smart thing to do.

“I live over at _ _ _!” Morris tells me. “Yes” I say, “That is a very beautiful place” I have actually been there before so I can be truthful by saying it is a very beautiful place. Of course, I have been to other places like the one Morris is talking about and they are not so nice, in fact they are downright depressing, which is why my dog Gordo and I volunteer to visit those folks in the not so beautiful places. I get lost in thought for a few seconds.

Morris brings me back with “Did you know, I’ve only been there for a month?” “Really” I say. Thinking how we have had this conversation for the past two months. “That’s nice, it’s as good a place to be as any” I tell him. Of course I know what is coming next, but I act surprised and delighted anyway, I love the way Morris smiles and how his clear and very blue eyes light up!

“I own a home in _” he tells me, “You know, right next to the _ _?” “Oh yes of course” I say, “That is a great part of town to own a home in!”