Dog Training Success

Now the French Bulldog is off-leash trained and he likes to interact with all people.

A client from Redding Ca. brought me a miniature French Bulldog who pulled on the leash and did not like to be petted by strangers. This dog would also charge at the front door when the doorbell rang. We decided to place the French Bulldog in my Dream Dog Program which is a three-week board and train. The client also wanted their Frenchie off-leash trained.

Upon placing the French Bulldog in my Dream Dog Program we started with me building a trust relationship bond with the dog. I do this by getting the Frenchie to pay attention to me by looking in my eyes then saying a link word and giving a treat. Once we have established eye contact and a soft bond, I can then start asking the Frenchie to do other things for me such as Sit, Down, Stay and Place. I will eventually wean the dog off of the treats. We started off-leash or remote training by using a simple technique called follow me.  I also took the Frenchie to many outdoor areas such as parks or stores where there would be a lot of people who would want to pet the dog. After thousands of pets by adults and children, the French Bulldog loved to be petted.

Now the client takes their French Bulldog on all kinds of trips in Redding and other places where they hike and walk the beaches all off-leash and he never pulls when on leash. He also loves to be petted by all people. He gets constant compliments on how well behaved he is!